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My Romantic Plantation Home

My Romantic Plantation Home

I am a Shabby Chic ,Country Chic, And Glamour Chic all wrapped in one. I am starting my blog to show you my Love for distressed and Romantic ideas to share with you on ideas of my decorating for my stores and developing and creating the finest Triple scented candles in the world. My passion is for pretty things and unique ditressed looking furniture and Romantic Chic decor, and of course White and Pink, and a twist of shades of green and baby blues too. Roses, are so Romantic. I cant wait to share with my fans my new Items I have developed and I will be blogging on Recycling of my containers and how to use them for amazing things. Be watching, join my blog so you dont miss out on anything.


Congratulations Amanda J!

It’s time to announce the winner of the Facebook Share & Like contest! The winner will receive a 36oz Fleur De Lis Canister filled with Amy’s signature scent, Amy’s Vanilla Sugar Cookie™.

We received an overwhelming response to this contest and are excited to announce the winner!

Congratulations to Amanda J. from Hillsboro, Oregon!!!

For your next chance to win, make sure to friend us on Facebook and keep an eye out for more contests and sales!

Right now all of our pink candles are 20% off in honor of breast cancer awareness. Our jelly size candles are also 20% off this week. Be sure to check out October’s Scent of the month:  Hot Baked Apple Pie!

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-Peter, Webmaster