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My Romantic Plantation Home

My Romantic Plantation Home

I am a Shabby Chic ,Country Chic, And Glamour Chic all wrapped in one. I am starting my blog to show you my Love for distressed and Romantic ideas to share with you on ideas of my decorating for my stores and developing and creating the finest Triple scented candles in the world. My passion is for pretty things and unique ditressed looking furniture and Romantic Chic decor, and of course White and Pink, and a twist of shades of green and baby blues too. Roses, are so Romantic. I cant wait to share with my fans my new Items I have developed and I will be blogging on Recycling of my containers and how to use them for amazing things. Be watching, join my blog so you dont miss out on anything.



We’re finally in November, and the weather is cooling off. It’s that time of year where you start seeing the Christmas decorations in the stores. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas with our new Candle of the Month, Christmas Splendor!

Whether you’re starting your Christmas shopping early or you just want to treat yourself…Christmas Splendor is the perfect way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Did I mention its also 20% off for this month only? Do yourself a favor and buy one (or ten!) today!


A combination of fresh apples and juicy oranges perfectly blended with spices of cinnamon nutmeg and clove; the splendor of the holiday season.

Available in stores and online!

Christmas Splendor is only available in Mason jars and while supplies last

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